Suikoden V

Enable Code 902074B0 0C040D80
R3 + Up For No Encounters
R3 + Down To Resume Normal
D089A39C 0000FFEB
2025C374 00001027
D089A39C 0000FFBB
2025C374 0C0D1798
Cycle Through Encounters 200C0000 3C01000D
200C0004 8422FFFE
200C0008 24420001
200C000C 0043282A
200C0010 0005100A
200C0014 A7824428
200C0018 03E00008
200C001C A422FFFE
20346200 08030000
20346204 87834424
This code will cause the game to cycle through the available enemy parties in sequential order, i.e. on the first encounter, you'll get the digit 1 encounter for the area, on the second, 2, and on the third, 3, and so on. When you've exhausted the available enounters for the area, the process starts over again at zero. Note that to save space, you start at one when the game loads, but the 0 digit has a valid encounter as well. It will be the last one you see in the area. Also note that when you move to a new area, it will either keep going from where you left off, or it will start over at zero, depending on how many possible encounters there are in the new area.
Cycle Through Encounters (Freeze)
Press Start + Up to Freeze (Default)
Press Start + Down to Unfreeze
200C0000 3C01000D
200C0004 8422FFFE
200C0008 8026FFFD
200C000C 00461021
200C0010 0043282A
200C0014 0005100A
200C0018 A7824428
200C001C 03E00008
200C0020 A422FFFE
20346200 08030000
20346204 87834424
D089A39C 0000FFE7
000CFFFD 00000000
D089A39C 0000FFB7
000CFFFD 00000001
Just so we're clear, the code starts out frozen by default. It serves the same function as the other code, but you can press the indicated buttons to freeze the cycle at the current encounter. You can do this during the battle, or afterwards until the next encounter is hit. Note that with this code, the digits will start cycling at zero, unless you unfreeze the code before the first encounter. If you move to a new area that has fewer encounters, it will go back to zero, and remain frozen there until you press the right buttons. You can unfreeze the cycle at any time.
Always Encounter the Same Enemy Party 203461C8 2402????
203461CC A7824428
This code won't be too useful without a list of digits, but it will be different for every area in the game. Therefore I don't plan on making one. However, someone might be kind enough to compile one, and for certain recruiting purposes, the code may be useful, and require only about a half a dozen digits for a similar number of areas. Those digits I will probably compile.

As a sample, here are the digits for the Mountain Pass that is near the Beaver Lodge (south of Yoshuna, I think).

0 Zadum
1 Tree Wizard
2 Dragonfly x 3
3 Mad Condor
4 Mad Condor & Dragonfly x 2
5 Avolo Pestis & Dragonfly x 2 (area boss)
6 SoLaTi (probably only until captured)

Press L2 + Up For More Encounters E002FEEF 0089A39C
2025C2D4 00000000
1025C2DC 00003E99
Press L2 + Up For Even More Encounters E002FEEF 0089A39C
2025C2D4 00000000
1025C2DC 00003E80
Press L2 + Up For Far More Encounters E002FEEF 0089A39C
2025C2D4 00000000
1025C2DC 00003E38
Press L2 + Up For Ungodly Encounters E002FEEF 0089A39C
2025C2D4 00000000
1025C2DC 00003DCD
Press L2 + Down For Normal Encounter Rate E002FEBF 0089A39C
2025C2D4 10040006
1025C2DC 00003EAE
You can choose on of the increase codes. The last code is the "off" code and it works with all of them. It does not work with the No Encounters code as posted above.
Quick Level Up - All D0AA901E 00003C0B
20AA90E8 3402????
Any value from 0001 to FFFF. 03E8 for one level per fight. 2710 for 10.
Super Quick Level Up (99) - All D0AA901E 00003C0B
20AA90E8 3C020002
You gain 131,072 per character/per battle. Just enough to shoot anyone straight to level 99.
Earned Experience Multiplier D0AA901E 00003C0B
20AA90E8 00021??0
??		multiplied by
04		2
08		4
0C		8
10		16
14		32
18		64
1C		128
20		256
24		512
28		1024
2C		2048
30		4096
34		8192
38		16,384
3C		32,768
40		65,536
HP Restored After Battle D0AA901E 00003C0B
20A7427C 00000000
Infinite HP - In Battle 200C3000 14200002
200C3004 00000000
200C3008 86050032
200C300C 082A039A
200C3010 0005182D
E0023C0B 00AA901E
20A80E60 08030C00
20A80E64 8201002B
Infinite HP - In Battle 200C3000 86030032
200C3004 0061280A
200C3008 082A039A
200C300C 0005182D
E0023C0B 00AA901E
20A80E60 08030C00
20A80E64 8201002B
Same as above. I just tightened up the code a bit.
Infinite Rune Use - In Battle D0AA901E 00003C0B
20A72E7C 00000000
Infinite Rune Use And Restore- In Battle 200C3100 00042082
200C3104 00042080
200C3108 8C830004
200C310C 0829CBA5
200C3110 AC830000
D0AA901E 00003C0B
20A72E80 08030C40
Using a rune spell from any level will set the available uses to maximum in all levels. Makes up for use out of battle.
One Hit Kills 200C3200 54400005
200C3204 27FF0084
200C3208 12200003
200C320C 8201002B
200C3210 54200001
200C3214 27FF006C
200C3218 03E00008
D0AA901E 00003C0B
20A80E04 0C030C80
Allied Units Never Take Damage (War) D0A8B838 00006078
20AB6078 00000000
Enemy Units - Instant Death (War) D0A8B838 00006078
20AB6074 000003E7
Infinite Special Skills (War) E0056078 00A8B838
20A59358 00000000
20A59438 00000000
20A59500 00000000
20A59630 00000000
20A59858 00000000
Hero Name Modifier 20A31C18 L3L2L1L0
20A31C1C L7L6L5L4
20A31C20 LBLAL9L8
Army Name Modifier 00A31C29 000000L0
10A31C2A 0000L2L1
20A31C2C L6L5L4L3
20A31C30 LAL9L8L7
00A31C38 000000LF
Castle Name Modifier 10A31C3A 0000L1L0
20A31C3C L5L4L3L2
20A31C40 L9L8L7L6
10A31C48 0000LFLE
Each Lx (0-F) is an ASCII character code. You need to enter your character codes in sequence, starting at L0 to get the name spelled right, which essentially means enter the characters you need in a particular code line in reverse order. Any positions you don't intend to use need to be set to zero. In this example, I will set all the names to DUMMY.

D - 44
U - 55
M - 4D (x2)
Y - 59

Hero Name Modifier
20A31C18 4D4D5544 (MMUD)
20A31C1C 00000059 (Y)
20A31C20 00000000
20A31C24 00000000

Army Name Modifier
00A31C29 00000044 (D)
10A31C2A 00004D55 (MU)
20A31C2C 0000594D (YM)
20A31C30 00000000
20A31C34 00000000
00A31C38 00000000

Castle Name Modifier
10A31C3A 00005544 (UD)
20A31C3C 00594D4D (YMM)
20A31C40 00000000
20A31C44 00000000
10A31C48 00000000
Blacksmiths Can Forge to Level ?? 203982A4 241300??
?? = 10 for maximum. (Or 0F, I can't remember).
Forging Always Costs ???? Potch 2039846C 2403????
20398558 2403????
Forging Sets Weapon Level to ? 203854C8 2403000?
?? = F is maximum. (I'm positive on this one).
Forging Sets All Character's Weapons to Level ? 200C4300 0000282D
200C4304 3C0400A1
200C4308 A083E42B
200C430C 24840160
200C4310 28A10086
200C4314 1420FFFC
200C4318 24A50001
200C431C 03E00008
203854C8 2403000?
203854D0 080310C0
?? = F is maximum again. Every character's weapon will be at the level you choose after forging one weapon once.
All Trainers Can Raise Skills to Rank SS 203A8CF4 24020007
203A8D18 24020007
203A9268 24020007
All Characters Can Reach Rank SS In All Skills 203A925C 24100002
203A92FC 24060007
203A9300 A0460000
203A9304 14A60169
Train Once For Rank SS 202CF5B8 24020007
Skill Training Costs ???? SP 202CE6BC 2402????
Infinite HP - Duels D0A56690 000004B4
20A89830 42C80000
Having trouble with the duels? Check out the Duel Guide for all the quotes and their related actions.
Individual Star Recruit Codes Codes for recruiting individual characters.