Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

Enable Code 9012C510 00832021
Max Gold (On earning or spending) 202028DC 00000000
Max/Infinite Gold 20409840 05F5E0FF
Money On Hand Does Not Decrease 202028C4 5CA00001
202028C8 00451021
202028CC 00000000
Infinite HP - All - In Battle 20207170 00000000
20355CF8 0041280B
20355CFC 90810010
20355D00 0041280A
Infinite MP - All - In Battle 20353F08 0041280B
20353F0C 90810010
20353F10 0041280A
Quick Max Tension Gain (Enemy's Gain At Normal Rate) 200C0200 92410010
200C0204 00641821
200C0208 080D5607
200C020C 0041180A
20355818 08030080
Quick Max Tension Gain & Enemies Always Zero Tension 200C0200 92410010
200C0204 0000182D
200C0208 080D5607
200C020C 0041180A
20355818 08030080
Enemies Always Zero Tension (Party Gains At Normal Rate) 200C0200 92410010
200C0204 00641821
200C0208 080D5607
200C020C 0001180B
20355818 08030080
Quick EXP 20206FA4 24427FFF
Quick Experience Gain 203609D8 3402????
203609DC AFA2319C
Quick Experience Gain (Value Not Shown in Messages) 203609D8 3402????
Super Quick Experience Gain 203609D8 3C02????
203609DC AFA2319C
Super Quick Experience Gain (Value Not Shown in Messages) 203609D8 3C02????
Experience Multiplier 203609D4 8FA2319C
203609D8 00021??0
203609DC AFA2319C
Experience Multiplier (Value Not Shown in Messages) 203609D4 8FA2319C
203609D8 00021??0
Use the following values with both multiplier codes:

04 - 2x
08 - 4x
0C - 8x
10 - 16x
14 - 32x
18 - 64x
1C - 128x
20 - 256x
24 - 512x
28 - 1,024x
2C - 2,048x
30 - 4,096x
34 - 8,192x
38 - 16,384x

Take care not to set the value too high in these codes. After about 30-40 level-ups in a row, the game gets wise and boots you out of the level up cycle without giving you any of the stat or skill increases you would normally get. You'll know if you've gone too far if you pump more than about 15-20 points into a skill, and it never improves. I would recommend 1,024 or below in the multiplier code.

Monster List: All Monsters Defeated 4040A5A0 01270008
000003E7 00000000
Monster List: Max Monsters' Drops 4040A5A8 01270008
00630063 00000000
Full Teleport List 20409090 FFFFFFFF
00409094 000000FF
Opens up the full list for the zoom spell and the chimaera wing item, but doesn't give you either. You still have to find or earn them.
Alchemy Pot Upgrade Modifier 00408F9E 0000000?
1 - Regular (2 slots, normal time)
2 - Improved (3 slots, normal time)
3 - Ultimate (3 slots, instantaneous)
Unlock All Alchemy Recipes 4040E880 00320001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Each Skill Gains ?? Points Per Level Up 20206C70 244300??
Allocated Skill Points Multiplier 20206C60 00063??0
04 - 2x
08 - 4x
0C - 8x
10 - 16x
14 - 32x
18 - 64x
1C - 128x
20 - 256x

The two codes above require you to allocate points to the skills. They don't affect the points remaining. For the multiplier code, whatever you allocate will be multiplied by X when it is applied. Allocate 2 points with a 2x multiplier and 4 are applied. It's as simple as that. I don't recommend going above 8x, and 2x is sufficient if you just want to cheat enough to max all the skills by level 99. It won't cause problems to go higher, but it takes all the fun out of it. For the flat gain code, EVERY skill will gain the number of points you specify in the code regardless of what you allocate. That means you can allocate nothing, and still get 10 skill points, if that's what you specified in the code. A side effect of this is that it bypasses the level cap.

Gain ???? Skill Points Per Level 104618B2 0000????
Gain ???? Extra Skill Points Per Level 203778D4 24A5????
Skill Points Per Level Multiplier 203778D4 00052??0
84 - 2x
88 - 4x
8C - 8x
90 - 16x
94 - 32x
98 - 64x
9C - 128x
A0 - 256x
Enemies Always Drop Rare Items 20296FB4 10000027
20297058 0280102D
If the enemy has no rare drop, you get nothing.
Enemies Always Drop Normal Items 20296FB0 9454004A
20296FB4 10000027
20297058 0280102D
If the enemy has no normal drop, you get nothing.
50/50 Chance of Normal or Rare Drop 20296FAC 0C04D0FE
20296FB0 00000000
20296FB4 30420001
20296FB8 00021040
20296FBC 02221021
20296FC0 1000002A
20296FC4 94420048
If the enemy is missing one drop, 50% chance of nothing. If both, always nothing. Otherwise, you will always get a drop of some sort.
Susceptible Enemies Always Enthralled 20295D0C 00000000
Enemy Party Status Modifier 20295C50 03E00008
20295C54 3402000?
0 - 1 : Surprised (Too stunned.../Doesn't Notice...)
2 - ? : Normal
Enemies Always Asleep 200C2000 54400002
200C2004 90410010
200C2008 03E00008
200C200C 3C080000
200C2010 35080010
200C2014 8C490158
200C2018 01284025
200C201C 0121400A
200C2020 03E00008
200C2024 AC480158
20351EBC 08030800
Change red digits in second line:
0001 - No visible effect
0002 - No visible effect
0004 - Something about becoming a lump of iron. It's apparently not implemented fully. <DEF_ART_ACTOR> becomes a lump of iron!!!
0008 - Paralysis
0010 - Sleep
0020 - No visible effect
0040 - Dazzled 1 (least effective)
0080 - Dazzled 2
0100 - Dazzled 3 (most effective)
0200 - Oomph
0400 - Insulatle
0800 - Bounce
1000 - No visible effect
2000 - No visible effect
4000 - Dancing Interrupted
8000 - Fizzled

Change red digits in first line:
0001 - No visible effect
0002 - Not recommended*
0004 - Confused
0008 - No visible effect
0010 - Magic Barrier
0020 - Envenomated
0040 - Poisoned
0080 - Buff
0100 - No visible effect
0200 - Cursed
0400 - Flamewall**
0800 - Icewall**
1000 - Weirdglow**
2000 - No visible effect
4000 - "<character>'s tension level returns to normal" messages are skipped. May negate tension effects.
8000 - No visible effect

* Jumbles the messages and the actions. Typically, all the messages are displayed, and then actions are animated.

Chimaera A attacks Angelo!
Angelo takes 13 damage.
Fat Bat A attacks Jessica!
Jessica takes 5 damage.

Then you actually see these events animated. Either your team cannot attack or people with this status cannot attack. I haven't tried afflicting enemies with it. In general, I think the confused sequencing of events would outway any benefits of this.

** I cannot recall seeing these effects under normal conditions. I'm not sure what they do, if anything.

As a more general note, I don't believe positive statuses will actually affect anything, but I'm not really sure. At least statuses like Buff probably don't. I seem to recall that Buff can be stacked, which would mean that more needs to happen for the effect to be realized than just setting its status flag.